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Enter a world of masks and repressed emotions - Mistress: A Novel

Written by Gowri on October 20, 2018

Christopher Stewart, a young travel writer with a cello, arrives at a riverside resort in Kerala to write about Koman, a famous dancer and Radha’s uncle. On arriving, he enters into a world of masks and repressed emotions.

Mistress: A Novel
Mistress: A Novel
by Anita Nair

Starts at INR 271

Koman and Radha are drawn to the uncanny young man with his ceaseless questions about Koman’s past and his journey through his profession. There forms a complicated triangle of love with Radha, Shyam, her husband, and Chris. As the story unfolds, Koman, an observer-participant, witnesses all the nuances and contradictions of the relationships being made and unmade.

The main highlight of the book is it’s narration with the background of the nine emotions of the Indian classical dance.