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The Unsolved Case of an Indian Women by Puneeth JH

Written by Gowri on October 20, 2018

The Unsolved case of an Indian Woman narrates the story of three women, each in a stage of a female’s life, different from one another. First is Ms. Tandel, who is a very promising and intelligent advocate, famous for appearing in many crucial cases and fighting for justice. Second is Sneha, a girl in her teens, who stays with her elder sister and brother-in-law. Third is a small girl Meenu, 8 years old, who stays with her old Granny. What all three of them strive for is love, care and happiness.

The author has tried to convey the interrelation between the three important female characters. There are a few things that highlight the story, such as the use of Daman port and beach, the original instances that happened in the actual world like the Daman bridge collapse. The story has its predominant and bold twists and turns in between which does not give away any bit of the actual suspense. The suspense of the story stays on as a suspense till the last. While reading the book one understands about how much the author has done research on each and every aspect. This book is a not too complex suspense thriller, with simple language.