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LOOKING FOR ALASKA(English, Paperback, John Green)

LOOKING FOR ALASKA(English, Paperback, John Green)

by John Green Publsher: Harper

ISBN-13: 9780007523528 | ISBN-10: 0007523521

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Book brief

Looking for Alaska is a bestselling romance novel by John Green. Summary of the Book When Miles Halter leaves his home for boarding school, he expects that he’ll find a change from the sedentary life he grew tired of. He takes the words of Francois Rabelais’ “the Great Perhaps” to heart, as well as the words of other great thinkers, and hopes to find something that will change his life. He has no idea how much of that change is about to come from a girl he is about to meet at Culver Creek. Alaska is a sprightly young girl, fascinating and smart. She draws him into her life and sets him on the course to finding Rabelais’ goal. She tears apart his inhibitions and steals his heart. Only then does he understand that once he ventured into the Great Perhaps, there’s no looking back. About John Green John Michael Green is an American novelist. He is known for The Fault in Our Stars and An Abundance of Katherines.

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