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The Intelligent Investor(English, Paperback, Graham Benjamin)

The Intelligent Investor(English, Paperback, Graham Benjamin)

by Graham Benjamin Publsher: HarperCollins Publishers Inc

ISBN-13: 9780062312686 | ISBN-10: 0062312685

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Book brief

Summary of the Book First published in the year 1949, The Intelligent Investor, is considered the Bible for the stock market that contains strategies and wisdom to achieve your financial goals. This is the revised edition of the original book that contains updated commentary by Jason Zweig, a famous financial journalist. This revised edition incorporates the recent market trends and how to make money in the highly vulnerable stock market. About the Author British-born American economist, investor, and professor, Benjamin Graham, is known as the ‘father of value investing’ which has been discussed in detail in his two books Security Analysis and The Intelligent Investor. Graham’s investment philosophy covers minimal debt, investor psychology, fundamental analysis, buy-and-hold investing, concentrated diversification, buying within safety margin, activist investing, and contrarian mindsets.

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