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Stocks to Riches - Insights on Investor Behavior(English, Paperback, Parikh Parag)

Stocks to Riches - Insights on Investor Behavior(English, Paperback, Parikh Parag)

by Parikh Parag Publsher: McGraw Hill Education India

ISBN-13: 9780070597716 | ISBN-10: 0070597715

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Book brief

Stocks To Riches: Insights On Investor Behaviour is Parag Parikh’s effort to discover what makes investors tick and keeps the stock market alive. Summary Of The Book The stock market is one of the most unfathomable mysteries of the modern financial scene. On the surface, it seems to function in a highly arbitrary manner, leading investors to believe that it is a game of chance, a myth that the author aims to disprove through this book. The book is aimed at retail investors, brokers, and analysts - anyone who wishes to tame the beast called the stock market. Being a veteran stockbroker, the author was often confronted by questions related to investor behaviour, successful investments, unsuccessful investors, and stock market ups and downs. Faced with a mindful of questions about the volatility of the stock market, the author decided to take on the onerous task of demystifying this challenging area of finance. Through this book, he shares the results of his analysis and his experiences as a stockbroker to help the readers invest wisely in the stock market. He simplifies various aspects of stock market investments. He also presents numerous guidelines and time-tested strategies to help retail investors invest successfully. The book is divided into eleven chapters that cover concepts such as investment strategies, speculation, behavioural finance, sunk cost fallacy, loss aversion, the endowment effect, decision paralysis, mental accounting, mental heuristics, mutual funds, and the stock market bubble. The book was published in 2005 by Tata McGraw-Hill Private Education Limited. It has received highly positive reviews for its useful content as well as the lucidity of presentation. About Parag Parikh Parag Parikh is an Indian entrepreneur and author. As of October 2012, he has written two books, Value Investing And Behavioral Finance, and Stocks To Riches: Insights On Investor Behavior. His writing focuses on various aspects of financial markets and investments. Parikh was born on February 12, 1954, in Mumbai, India. After obtaining a Master’s degree in Commerce & Economics from the University of Bombay, he started a career as a sub-broker. He went on to set up the Parag Parikh Financial Advisory Services Limited in 1992. His entrepreneurial skills as well as his drive to be different brought him tremendous success in the stock market. Parikh shares his expertise by giving lectures and presentations regularly. He is also very athletic and spiritual, taking part in several activities that nurture these qualities. Parikh is married to Gita, and the couple has two grown up sons, Neil and Sahil.

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