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Public Administration(English, Paperback, Laxmikanth M.)

Public Administration(English, Paperback, Laxmikanth M.)

by Laxmikanth M.
Publsher: McGraw Hill Education India

ISBN-13: 9780071074827 | ISBN-10: 0071074821

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Book brief

A novel and informative textbook, Public Administration is very helpful for candidates appearing for major competitive Central and State exams such as the Civil Services Examination. Summary Of The Book Public administration may be defined as a discipline of academics that deals with the study and implementation of policies made by the Government, and is crucial for civil servants to study before working in public services. In addition to candidates appearing for competitive exams, this comprehensive text can be used by researchers, academicians, educators, students, and people with a professional interest in this contemporary subject. Public Administration commences with an introduction to the subject, discussing its meaning and evolution, with additional topics on Administrative Development and New Public Administration. Thereafter, the book is divided into twelve chapters that provide in-depth knowledge on topics like civil services in India, financial administration, accountability and control and theories of administration. Before the culmination of a chapter, a set of multiple choice questions are also provided. Thereafter, a total of twenty two model question papers are supplied for maximum practise by the candidate. A consolidation of all the tables mentioned in the book is given at the end. Written in a concise and lucid manner, Public Administration provides the reader with a broad range of information related to this subject. About M. Laxmikanth M. Laxmikanth has authored books like Indian Polity for Civil Services Examinations, Governance in India for UPSC Civil Services Preliminary Examination (Paper - I) and Bharat Ki Rajvyavastha : Civil Seva Pariksha Ke Liye.

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