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The Power Of Positive Thinking(English, Paperback, Dr. Peale Norman Vincent)

The Power Of Positive Thinking(English, Paperback, Dr. Peale Norman Vincent)

by Dr. Peale Norman Vincent Publsher: Ebury Publishing

ISBN-13: 9780091906382 | ISBN-10: 0091906385

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Book brief

This is the silver anniversary edition of The Power of Positive Thinking, a global bestseller by Norman Vincent Peale. It sends out an influential message on confidence and creativity. Summary of the Book This title discusses practical methods that can help you energize your lives. It reveals how you possess the strength to realise your ambitions and hopes. It explains how to believe in yourself and have faith in everything you do and reach your goals. Peale tells you how you can stop worrying about things that aren’t really necessary to be pondered upon, and how you can lead a more relaxed life. You can change the circumstances you currently live in, which would ultimately lead to better relationships with other people, and you become well-liked by others. About Norman Vincent Peale Dr. Norman Vincent Peale was an author, minister and progenitor of positive thinking. He earned his degrees from Ohio Wesleyan University and Boston University School of Technology. He started his own radio program called The Art of Living in 1935 which lasted for 54 years. His book, The Power of Positive Thinking, was a New York Times bestseller for 186 consecutive weeks.

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