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I Too Had a Love Story(English, Paperback, Singh Ravinder)

I Too Had a Love Story(English, Paperback, Singh Ravinder)

by Singh Ravinder
Publsher: Penguin Random House India

ISBN-13: 9780143418764 | ISBN-10: 0143418769

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Book brief

About the Book If there is one genre that you would go back to reading again and again, it would probably be romance. Ravinder Singh’s I Too Had a Love Story is the story of Ravin and Khushi. They find each other on a matrimonial site and they soon become good friends. Their friendship gradually develops into something more than just a friendship and they decide to talk about it to their family members. The day is set for Ravin and Khushi’s engagement, but does everything go according to plan? Does fate play spoil-sport to this almost-perfect love story? You will need to read the book to know the answers to these questions. This is one tear-jerker that must be in every romantic soul’s "must-read" list.  About the Author Ravinder Singh is an Indian author and a software engineer who is known for his debut novel, I Too Had a Love Story. This bestseller is based on Singh’s real life. He also launched the audio version of this novel in 2011. Ravinder Singh has also ventured into book publishing with the launch of his publication house, Black Ink, in the year 2015. Some of Singh’s other popular books include Can Love Happen Twice?, Like it Happened Yesterday, Your Dreams are Mine Now, This Love that Feels Right, and Will You Still Love me?

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