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Till The Last Breath . . .(English, Book, Datta Durjoy)

Till The Last Breath . . .(English, Book, Datta Durjoy)

by Datta Durjoy Publsher: Penguin Random House India

ISBN-13: 9780143421573 | ISBN-10: 0143421573

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Book brief

Till the Last Breath is a book about two youngsters who are fighting for their lives but are uncertain about whether they have any hope for survival. The doctors who are on their case are doing all they can to help them. Summary of the Book The book is about Dushyant Roy and Pihu Malhotra. Dushyant and Pihu who share a room at a hospital are both dying. Dushyant Roy is a drug addict who has gone to the extent of putting his life at stake and his organs are slowly starting to fail. Pihu Malhotra is a young and lively medical student who has a life threatening disease and wants to do anything that is possible to stay alive. The story makes one smile, but can at the same time be heartbreaking. The doctors of each of these patients have taken it upon themselves to do all that they can in their power to save these young patients. About the Author Durjoy Dutta is a writer. He has done his Engineering and business management before this. He has written novels like Now That You’re Rich!, She Broke Up,I Didn’t and If it’s Not Forever.

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