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Three Thousand Stitches(English, Paperback, Murty Sudha)

Three Thousand Stitches(English, Paperback, Murty Sudha)

by Murty Sudha Publsher: Penguin Random House India Pvt. Ltd

ISBN-13: 9780143440055 | ISBN-10: 0143440055

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Book brief

Summary of the Book Three Thousand Stitches -: Ordinary People, Extraordinary Lives is a book containing eleven different extraordinary tales that are inspired by Sudha Murthy’s life. The first story deals with Sudha Murthy’s desire to eradicate the Devadasi system which she tried hard. How she deals with it forms the crux of this story number one. The second story is about her experience as the only female student in her engineering college and how she managed to tackle the situation. In this way, every story is taken from various incidents that happened in her life. It is an inspiring read for the readers of all age groups with the narration in the simplest English and can make you want to finish the book in one or two sittings. About the Author An Indian engineering teacher and a prolific writer in Kannada and English - Sudha Murthy’s books talk about real life experiences and stories that will make you pause and think. She started her career as a computer scientist and is currently a philanthropist and one of the most celebrated Indian writers. Her works revolve around family, love, and social issues. The plots weaved by the author are simple and her characters are realistic and witty. She is an inspiration for young women and writers trying to break down barriers.

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