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Flowers on the Path(English, Paperback, Sadhguru)

Flowers on the Path(English, Paperback, Sadhguru)

by Sadhguru Publsher: Penguin Random House India

ISBN-13: 9780143444732 | ISBN-10: 0143444735

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Book brief

Pretty blooms may seem unworthy of notice or attention, but that doesn’t stop them from flaunting the wonders of nature. Fragile, bursting with colour, and headily fragrant, flowers have the ability to draw and inspire us without even trying – much like the articles in Sadhguru’s Flowers on the Path. Summary of the Book Much like how each flower in a garden or bouquet has beauty and fragrance that’s distinctly its own, every article in Flowers on the Path confounds you in its own unique way. The book covers topics that span social issues, worldly affairs, individual challenges, or dimensions of the beyond. Each of these articles holds the possibility to shake you out of your set conclusions and to pave the way towards true knowing. The common link that ties the articles in this book is Sadhguru’s ability to captivate readers with humour, clarity, and his knack for rendering a profound stillness within. About the Author Founder of the Isha Foundation and a prominent figure in various fields of work that fans architecture and visual design, poetry and painting, ecology and horticulture, sports and music, Sadhguru’s celebratory engagement with life on all levels is evident. His works reflect observations and insights that he has gathered from delving into the root of life and looking at t in all its totality. His other famous works include Three Truths of Well Being, Midnights with the Mystic, and Don’t Polish your Ignorance – It May Shine.

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