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Roses Are Blood Red(English, Paperback, Chakraborty Novoneel)

Roses Are Blood Red(English, Paperback, Chakraborty Novoneel)

by Chakraborty Novoneel Publsher: Penguin Random House India Pvt. Ltd

ISBN-13: 9780143449508 | ISBN-10: 0143449508

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'I'll gift you a love story that every girl desires, but few get to live.' He'd told me once. And boy, did he stick to his words! Vanav Thakur is the perfect boyfriend that any girl can have. He ticks every box you can ever have for your Mr Right. Trust me on this. He cares for me, respects me, never objectifies me, never says no to me for anything, understands me, is progressive and has no shadow of any male chauvinism in him. Sometimes, I wonder if I really deserve him. My parents, like me, had no option but to accept him as my boyfriend. Everything was hunky dory and I thought I would be that one girl who would never have any relationship hiccup until I stumbled upon the reason behind his perfection. I'm Aarisha Shergill and my life is about to get ripped apart because I should have known some things should be left alone. Is love capable of healing the deep wounds which love itself creates within you? Mysteriously thrilling in its essence, Roses Are Blood Red is the haunting story of a passion and eternal love

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