Grains of Stardust(English, Paperback, Mohanlal Vismaya)

Grains of Stardust(English, Paperback, Mohanlal Vismaya)

  • Mohanlal Vismaya

Publisher: Penguin Random House India
ISBN 13: 9780143451860
How many pages to read? (Page count) : 128

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Book brief

Grains of Stardust(English, Paperback, Mohanlal Vismaya) is a Books>D : Biography, Literature & Literary studies>DS : Literature: history & criticism>DSC : Literary studies: poetry & poets genre book, written by Mohanlal Vismaya and published by Penguin Random House India. It is available in English language with Paperback binding and got 128 pages in total. The International Standard Book Number or ISBN identification for the book is 0143451863 (ISBN 10) and 0143451863 (ISBN 13).

Offering a unique expression of thought reflecting feeling more than meaning, Grains of Stardust is a synesthetic stream of consciousness that does not distinguish between journey and destination, but meanders unchecked upon the river of human emotion. 'Read my poetry out loud Breathe it in and taste the letters pour out. A delicious sound. Do you hear the colours take form? Feel the pages move you as you float in space make some space Open your mind and get inside and see all that shimmering marmalade liquid. Grains of stardust'