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English Critical Texts(English, Paperback, Enright D. J.)

English Critical Texts(English, Paperback, Enright D. J.)

by Enright D. J. Publsher: Oxford HED

ISBN-13: 9780195606775 | ISBN-10: 0195606779

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Book brief

English Critical Texts, published in 2002 by Oxford University Press, is a comprehensive assessment of critical texts in the English language between the 16th century and the 20th century. This little handbook helps the readers to evaluate and analyse the English literature texts during that period. It is edited by two experts in English Literature, namely, Dennis Joseph Enright and Ernst De Chickera. Dennis Joseph Enright is a British poet, novelist, and academician. His books on poetry include Selected Poems, 1990, A Choice of Milton's Verse, and A Faust Book. He has edited several other books, including The Oxford Book of the Supernatural, Fair of Speech: The Uses of Euphemism, The Oxford Book of Death, and The Faber Book of Fevers and Frets. Some of his novels include Wild Ghost Chase, Insufficient Poppy, Academic Year, and Heaven Knows Where. He studied at Downing College in Cambridge. After graduation, he taught at various universities, including University of Alexandria, Egypt, Konan University, Japan, University of Singapore, and University of Warwickshire. Ernst De Chickera is the co-editor of the classic book English Critical Texts.

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