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Oxford Student Atlas for India(English, Paperback, unknown)

Oxford Student Atlas for India(English, Paperback, unknown)

by unknown Publsher: OUP India

ISBN-13: 9780198062745 | ISBN-10: 0198062745

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Book brief

The uses the latest state-of-the-art techniques to produce maps that are accurate and easy to read. Thoroughly researched and up-to-date, this completely new second edition of the atlas is designed keeping in mind the syllabi requirements of various education boards in India. It covers India's physical, geo-political, environmental, demographic, socio-economic, cultural, and historical features with thematic and statistical representation on a range of topics that are usually included in major syllabi. In addition, it vividly traces geographic characteristics of each continent with regional maps of important countries and the world. Salient Features Contains quality digital maps that are aesthetically laid-out and provide up-to-date information Uses the latest GIS technology  to provide accurate, 3D physical maps and clarify map detail Provides latest available socio-economic maps and data  the culled from authoritative sources Provides special sections on the history of map-making contour and landforms , and concepts of in the beginning of the atlas Covers important topical themes such as biosphere reserves, wetlands and wildlife, power projects, agricultural regions, major industrial regions, human development, tourism and mass media, cultural realms, heritage, etc. Includes 24 maps focusing on the history of the Indian subcontinent  ,and 6 maps focusing on environmental concerns natural disasters and of the country Includes a new section on and a world history and world time zone map Provides symbols for each place name for India and the world according to population range world history world time zone map Student-friendly easy-to-use and with both pictorial and graphical representation Contains a fully and updated revised index

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