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The Magic(English, Paperback, Byrne Rhonda)

The Magic(English, Paperback, Byrne Rhonda)

by Byrne Rhonda Publsher: Simon & Schuster Ltd

ISBN-13: 9781849838399 | ISBN-10: 1849838399

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Book brief

The Magic is the third book by Rhonda Byrne. This is the Hindi translation of the book, and is called Jadoo. In this work, Rhonda emphasizes the significance of being grateful for all the blessings one has in his/her life. Summary of the Book Jadoo explains how conveying gratitude for everything we have will invite more good things into our lives. She also asserts that those who fail in being thankful for their blessings will lose all that they have. Expressing gratitude makes a person realize all the good things they are blessed with in life, instead of concentrating only on the negatives. This in turn can nurture optimistic outlooks and make the person more positive and cheerful in life. The Magic or Jadoo thus serves as a manual for refining one’s perspectives and directions for a better life. About Rhonda Byrne Rhonda Byrne was born in Australia in the year 1951. She is the celebrated author of the book, The Secret, which is considered as a life-changing work by millions of people across the globe. In her early career, she worked in radio production and later progressed to television. She created several award-winning TV shows. Rhonda became internationally famous in the year 2006, with the release of The Secret - a movie and then a book, about laws of attraction that administer every single feature of human life. She was listed one among the 100 People Who Shape the World in 2007 on Time magazine. Rhonda has also written other books including The Power and The Magic on related ideas.

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