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Rapidex English for Hindi Speakers(English, Mixed media product, unknown)

Rapidex English for Hindi Speakers(English, Mixed media product, unknown)

by unknown
Publsher: Pustak Mahal

ISBN-13: 9788122300208 | ISBN-10: 8122300200

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Book brief

Rapidex English Speaking Course (With CD)  is a book meant for non-native English speakers, and is a guide that helps them understand and speak English. The book, Rapidex English Speaking Course (With CD), is aimed at people who want to learn to speak English fluently. It addresses a wide range of readers, from people who do not know English to those who have learnt English and know its grammar and rules, but lack the confidence to use the language in speech. The most common deterrent to speaking in another language is lack of confidence. Even people who can read and write in a language hesitate when it comes to speaking the same. Doubts about the pronunciation of words and correct usage make people hesitate while speaking. Taking this into account, this book focuses a lot on building the reader’s confidence while speaking English. It is a structured course that addresses everything from basic grammar and semantics of English, to sentence construction, tips on how to improve confidence while speaking, and acquiring fluency. This particular edition addresses Hindi speakers. It teaches readers how to relate Hindi and English speech and what adjustments need to be made when constructing sentences in English. The CD contains the lessons in the book and additional teaching aids that are designed to help readers learn the language faster and understand correct pronunciation and usage. The Rapidex Series provides books on English for people who follow other languages spoken in various parts of the country, including Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Bangla, Assamese, and Kannada. About the Author R. K. Gupta is a popular author who’s known for academic textbooks and books on English communication. Some of his other books are The Science and Philosophy of Spirituality, Rapidex English for Tamil Speakers, Rapidex English for Malayalam Speakers, A Textbook of Physical Chemistry for IIT JEE, and New Pattern IIT JEE Chemistry.

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