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Theory of Cookery PB(English, Paperback, Arora K)

Theory of Cookery PB(English, Paperback, Arora K)

by Arora K

ISBN-13: 9788184095036 | ISBN-10: 8184095031

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Book brief

Theory Of Cookery is a book for professionals, students and connoisseurs who want to learn about the history and the art and science of cooking. Summary Of The Book Culinary classes teach the students how to cook various dishes. But most do not teach the science behind cookery and its history. Theory Of Cookery has been written to teach the readers about the techniques of cooking, the art of cooking wonderful dishes, and the history of the culinary art. The book begins with an introductory section on the subject. It defines cooking as a chemical process where different ingredients are mixed together to produce a composite taste. This involves the use of heat, the science of decision making, and the use of technical knowledge. It also involves creativity in cooking and presenting the dishes. So cookery is also an art. The author then goes into culinary history of French and International cooking. He also looks into traditional Indian cooking and the regional dishes. She then defines the aims and objectives of cooking. This involves planning from the pre-production stage to the planning of the texture, flavor, and the seasonings to be used to create a wonderful end product. The book then examines cooking methods like baking, microwave cooking, frying, broiling, grilling, roasting and boiling. It then discusses basic preparations like soups, salads and sauces. It also goes into different categories of food production like vegetable cookery, meat and fish cookery, cooking pulses and cereals, sandwich making, and egg cookery. The book next covers bakery and pastry items, and principles of menu planning. It discusses kitchen management in hotels which includes aspects like staffing, meal production, transportation, and kitchen planning and maintenance. It also focuses on topics like equipment, maintenance and safety measures. Theory Of Cookery is tailored for the syllabus of the National Council for Hotel Management and various other similar institutes. The chapters are arranged in a logical sequence, and the author also provides a section on vegetable carving. The book contains a glossary of cooking terms at the end.,There is also a section of questions based on past question papers on the subject. About Krishna Arora Krishna Arora is an experienced teacher. Krishna Arora has taught at various hotel management institutes across India. Now settled in Australia, she edits the cookery section in a leading publication. She runs a hotline for cookery tips. and teaches Asian cooking to Australians at a Community Service Center. She was recently honored with an Order of Australia Medal for her services to the Indian community in Australia.

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