book shape divider English Speaking Course Book(Hindi, Paperback, Pooja Rana) English Speaking Course Book(Hindi, Paperback, Pooja Rana)

by Pooja Rana Publsher:

ISBN-13: 9788193074305 | ISBN-10: 8193074300

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Book brief

Designed & Developed by in association with "Spoken English Guru" YouTube Channel. "Spoken English Guru" YouTube is one of the largest Spoken English Portal in India. This book has been designed & developed for all, who are unable to learn/speak English Language due to paucity of time, money or resources. The whole material is prepared in Conversational Hindi as well as Conversational English language with the expertise of 15 years in the field of English language teaching. Written in Book & Video lectures in Spoken English Guru channel are prepared in both; Hindi as well as English.Concept chapters are followed by difficulty level wise question-answer practice exercises & Assessment papers. All the vocabulary exercises’ words have got their pronunciation written along with.

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