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151 Essays(English, Paperback, Gupta S.C.)

151 Essays(English, Paperback, Gupta S.C.)

by Gupta S.C. Publsher: Arihant Publishers

ISBN-13: 9789313160281 | ISBN-10: 9313160285

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Book brief

151, that's Not at all the Number of Essays covered in the Bestselling Book, Penned byRenowned Author Mr. S C Gupta, 151 Essays is a Complete Guide to help students learn theart of essay writing through More than 160 Essays covering the panoramic view of topics onContemporary, Social, Environmental, Political, Education, Economic, Science & Technology,International, Personalities, Proverbial & Idiomatic, Sports and Many MoreThe Book starts with a focus on developing the craft of essay writing which needs detailedknowledge of the topic, discipline of mind, analytical skills to draw a conclusion, richvocabulary to express the thoughts, grammatical accuracy and coherence of thoughts andideas for contextual writing.The Book is divided in 2 Major Parts, the first part prepares you to know-how of the EssayWriting be it Understanding an Essay, Part of an Essay, Steps to write an effective andInteresting Essay and Essay Sketching Techniques.the Second Part Contains All the Latest and Updated Topics from all the Field of life i.e. GST,Digital India, NET Neutrality, Black Money, Drone Technology, Juvenile Justice Act 1925,Social Networking Sites, Honor Killing, Electoral Reforms and Indian Democracy, FDI Effecton Retail Stores, Role of Agriculture in Economic Reform, Indian Civil Nuclear Strategy,Terrorism In India & It's Changing Face, Global Climate Change, Students & Politics, Right toEducation, Kalpana Chawla, Narendra Modi, Sunder Pichai, IPL, Sports is it Loosing it'sIntegrity, Habit- a Good Servant but a Bad Master, Communication face to face or Facebookand Many burning and Important Topics.While these are important and Critical Topics Author has put a clear and easy language toUnderstand, Vocab Cards to understand difficult words, Latest and Updated Data tounderstand actual statusEssays Plays an important role in competitive exams hence it's a must have book for allaspirants

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