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Solved Papers for Jee Main 2019(English, Paperback, Experts)

Solved Papers for Jee Main 2019(English, Paperback, Experts)

by Experts Publsher: Arihant Publishers

ISBN-13: 9789313191483 | ISBN-10: 9313191482

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Book brief

The First phase of JEE Main 2019 held on January and students are now preparing for its April Session. Since JEE Main 2019 is different from its previous years, aspirants must be in dire need to know the latest exam pattern to seize their last chance to ace JEE Main 2019 Exam. Online Solved Papers JEE Main 2019 January Attempt is our newly published book for aspirants, with complete solutions to all 8 Question Papers of 9th Jan to 12th Jan (Shift I & II). It provides explanatory, detailed and accurate solutions to all the questions, to help aspirants get an in-depth understanding of the latest examination pattern to fine-tune their exam preparation. With this newly designed set of online solved papers of JEE Main 2019 January Attempt, students can give a final push to their JEE Prep. TOCJEE Main (January Attempt), Solved Papers 2019, 9 Jan, 2019 (Shift 1), 9 Jan, 2019 (Shift 2), 10 Jan, 2019 (Shift 1), 10 Jan, 2019 (Shift 2), 11 Jan, 2019 (Shift 1), 11 Jan, 2019 (Shift 2), 12 Jan, 2019 (Shift 1), 12 Jan, 2019 (Shift 2),

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