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Magbook Indian History 2020(English, Paperback, unknown)

Magbook Indian History 2020(English, Paperback, unknown)

by unknown Publsher: Arihant Publishers

ISBN-13: 9789313197409 | ISBN-10: 9313197405

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Book brief

When it comes to the preparation of the examinations like UPSC and State PCS students needto have solid yet precise knowledge about the subjects from the point of view of exam.ARIHANT's MAGBOOK provides all the study material in a concise and brief manner which iseasy to digest by the studentsMagbook series is 2 in 1 series i.e. it's a combination of magazines and books that offers uniqueadvantages of both as it comprehensively covers syllabus of General Science of UPSC andState PCS Preliminary Examination. It is useful for the aspirants as it covers all the topics of thesyllabus in a concise and notes format to help students in easy remembrance and quickrevision. This series covers every topic of History (Ancient History, Medieval and Modern IndianHistory) in an easy-to-understand language which helps students grasp the topics easily andquickly. It focuses on the trends of questions of Previous Years' Civil Services Exams, Chapter-wise practice questions are given with more than 3,000 MCQs which covers the whole syllabus,Subject wise detailed explanations of Previous Years' Civil exams (2019-2010) and 5 practicesets are also provided in the book that help the students to know latest pattern of the paper aswell as its difficulty level. This book is a must for the civil services aspirants as it help them tomove a step ahead towards their aim.

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