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40 Days Crash Course for Neet Physics(English, Paperback, unknown)

40 Days Crash Course for Neet Physics(English, Paperback, unknown)

by unknown Publsher: Arihant Publishers

ISBN-13: 9789313199274 | ISBN-10: 9313199270

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Book brief

Every year lakhs of students appear for the NEET Exam to pursue their dream of becoming a�Doctor�. In order to qualify this exams students need have clear concepts, strong basicfoundation of the subjects and thorough practice.�NEET IN 40 DAYS PHYSICS� is the most accepted crash course programme for the studentswho are preparing National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET-2020). Being the best selleramong the students, this book is carefully and consciously designed for the last minutepreparation of the NEET Exam. This book gives the complete coverage of the syllabus that isdivided into 40 Days Modules which includes Quick Theory covering all the important points,formulae and the concepts. It provides Objective Question which covers every type of examquestions including 8 Unit Tests and 3 Full Length Mock Tests which gives the real feel of theexam. Moreover Free Online Practice Material can be availed by the students to practice online.This book accelerates the level of preparation done by the students and ensures scoring highmarks in a time.TABLE OF CONTENTSPreparing NEET 2020 Physics in 40 Days! Day 1: Physical World and Measurement, Day 2:Kinematics, Day 3: Scalar and Vector, Day 4: Laws of motion, Day 5: Circular Motion, Day 6:Work, Energy and Power, Day 7: System of Particle and Rigid Body, Day 8: Rotational Motion,Day 9: Gravitation, Day 10: Unit Test 1, Day 11: Properties of Matter, Day 12: Transfer of Heat,Day 13: Behaviour of Perfect Gas and Kinetic Theory, Day 14: Thermodynamics, Day 15: UnitTest 2, Day 16: Oscillations, Day 17: Waves, Day 18: Unit Test 3, Day 19: Electrostatics, Day20: Current Electricity, Day 21: Unit Test 4, Day�22: Magnetics Effects of Current, Day 23:Magnetism, Day 24: Electromagnetic Induction, Day 25: Alternating Current, Day 26:Electromagnetic Waves, Day 27: Unit Test 5, Day 28: Ray Optics, Day 29: Wave Optics, Day30: Unit Test 6, Day 31: Matter Waves, Day 32: Photoelectric Effect, Day 33: Atoms and Nuclei,Day 34: Radioactivity, Day 35: Unit Test 7, Day 36: Electronic Devices, Day 37: Unit Test 8, Day38: Mock Test 1, Day 39: Mock Test 2, Day 40: Mock Test 3, NEET Solved Papers 2019(National & Odisha).

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