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Cbse All in One Mathematics Class 10 for 2021 Exam(English, Paperback, Kumar Prem)

Cbse All in One Mathematics Class 10 for 2021 Exam(English, Paperback, Kumar Prem)

by Kumar Prem Publsher: Arihant Publication

ISBN-13: 9789324198365 | ISBN-10: 932419836X

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Book brief

1. �All in One� - Best Selling Series form class 6 th -10 th2. Covers complete theory, practice and assessment of Mathematics for Class 103. The Guide has been divided in 15 chapters giving coverage to the syllabus4. Each chapter is supported by detailed theory, illustrations, all types of practice question5. Special focus on New Pattern Objective Questions6. Every chapter accompanies NCERT Folder, Summary, Exam Practice and Self Assessment for quick revision7. The book is supplemented by Unit Tests Periodic Tests, Activity, Sample Question papers, CBSE Examination Papers 2020.Arihant�s All in One� is no new name today. One of the Best Selling Series of Arihant helping students with their schools and board exams preparation by providing Complete Theory, Practice and Assessment as per new issued pattern for the excellent academic results.The Current edition of All in One Mathematics� for class 10 th is a self � study guide that has been carefully and consciously revised by providing proper explanation guidance and strictly following the latest CBSE Syllabus Issued on 31 March 2020. The whole syllabus of the book is divided into 15 Chapters and each chapter is further divided into chapters. To make students completely ready for exams this book is provided with detailed theory & Practice Questions in all chapters. Every chapter in this book carries Summary, Exam Practice and Self Assessment at the end for quick revision. This book provides 3 varieties of exercises-Topic Exercise: For Assessment of Topical Understanding each topic of the chapter has Topic Exercise, NCERT Folder: It contains all the Questions of NCERT with detailed solutions and Exam Practice: it contains all the miscellaneous questions like MCQs, True and False, Fill in the Blanks, VSA, SA, LA. This book is also supplemented by 5 Unit Tests, Periodic Tests, Activities, Latest Sample Papers, CBSE Examination Papers 2020 (Delhi & All India) for the complete preparation. Well explained Answers have been provided to every question that is given in the book. All in One Mathematics for CBSE class 10 has all the material for learning, Understanding, Practice Assessment and will surely guide the students to the way of Success.TABLE OF CONTENTReal Numbers, Polynomials, Pair of Linear Equations Two Variables, Quadratic Equations,Arithmetic Progressions, Unit Test, Triangles, Coordinate Geometry, Introduction to Trigonometry, Some Applications of Trigonometry, Unit Test, Circles, Constructions, Surface Area and Volumes, Unit Test, Statistics, Probability, Unit Test, Periodic Tests, Activity, 3 Sample Paper (Basic Level), 3 Sample Papers (Standard Level), Latest Sample Papers (Basic), Latest Sample Papers (standard), CBSE Examination Paper 2020 (Delhi Set), CBSE Examination Paper 2020 (All India).

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