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Social Psychology(English, Paperback, Nyla R. Branscombe)

Social Psychology(English, Paperback, Nyla R. Branscombe)

by Nyla R. Branscombe Publsher: Pearson Education India

ISBN-13: 9789332586116 | ISBN-10: 933258611X

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Book brief

The primary focus of Social Psychology, 14e, is the social world which has changed tremendously in recent years under technological advancements. These changes have important implications for how we think about ourselves and other people. Social psychology is the branch of psychology that studies all aspects of our behavior with and toward others, our feelings and thoughts about them and the relationships we develop with them. The central message for social psychology as a field and for any book that seeks to represent it, is: Keep up with these technological changes in terms of their implications for social life and this is precisely what has been done in the 14th edition of this book.FeaturesDozens of new topics have been added to reflect exciting current research trends. The importance of belonging and group ties; Self-esteem and group memberships; Why some people are happier than others.A revamped Chapter 12: Dealing with adversity and achieving a happy life which examines strategies people can use to handle the setbacks they may experience and reveal the ingredients for increasing happiness.Content in the Indian context include discussion on acid attack victim, Laxmi Agarwal and her crusade to ensure justice and rehabilitation for victims of acid attack (Chapter 12); An updated 'Section 1.2.6: Taking full account of social diversity' with additional input on multiculturalism in the Indian setting (Chapter 1).Table of Contents1. Social Psychology2. Social Cognition3. Social Perception4. The Self5. Attitudes6. Causes and cures of stereotyping, prejudice and discrimination7. Liking, love and other close relationships8. Social Influence9. Prosocial Behavior10. Aggression11. Groups and Individuals12. Dealing with adversity and achieving a happy life.

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