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A Handbook for Letter Writing(English, Paperback, Gupta S.C.)

A Handbook for Letter Writing(English, Paperback, Gupta S.C.)

by Gupta S.C. Publsher: Arihant Publishers

ISBN-13: 9789350947302 | ISBN-10: 9350947307

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Book brief

‘A Handbook for Letter Writing’ is a comprehensive & exhaustive book which has been designed to help in learning the art and techniques of writing letters. The words and language that are being used while writing a letter not only shows our knowledge but also reflects our personality.The present book on letter writing has been divided into five chapters namely An Introduction of Letter Writing, Informal Letters, Formal Letters, Reference/ Recommendation Letters and Email. This book contains various types of letters – Personal, Business Letters, Applications, Official Letters, Application Writing, Apology, Condolence, etc. The book also contains the E-mailing, Report Writing and Press Release sections. A simple and easy language with the latest pattern has been used in this book. This book will also help you in developing the research and writing skills.

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