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Geography of India Seventh Edition(English, Paperback, Husain Majid)

Geography of India Seventh Edition(English, Paperback, Husain Majid)

by Husain Majid
Publsher: McGraw Hill India

ISBN-13: 9789351343578 | ISBN-10: 935134357X

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Book brief

Majid Husain is the author of  Geography of India 5th Edition which is a comprehensive book for those who want to write the Civil Service exams. The book comprises of topics relating to the geography of India which is helpful for the students. In addition, there is a detailed description with maps and diagrams that helps in giving a clear understanding of geographical concepts. This book is quintessential for candidates applying for Civil Service exams. Majid Husain Majid Husain is among the most senior faculty in the study of geography in India. He has authored books like Geography of India 4 Edition, Indian and World Geography (Paper-1) 1st Edition, Geography : 3000 Terms and Concepts With Detailed Explanation For Civil Services Examinations 1st Edition, World Geography 4th Edition and Fundamentals of Physical Geography 4th Edition. Majid Husain has a M.A. in Geography (Gold Medalist), an LL.B and a  PhD.He has a teaching experience in geography of 40 years and has been doing research in related fields for 43 years.

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