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Ncert Solutions Mathematics for Class 8th(English, Paperback, unknown)

Ncert Solutions Mathematics for Class 8th(English, Paperback, unknown)

by unknown Publsher: Arihant Publishers

ISBN-13: 9789352031627 | ISBN-10: 9352031628

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Book brief

NCERT Textbooks play an immense role in developing student’s understanding and knowledge about a subject and the concepts or topics covered under a particular subject. Keeping in mind this immense importance and significance of the NCERT Textbooks in mind, Arihant has come up with a unique book containing Questions-Answers of NCERT Textbook based questions. This book containing solutions to NCERT Textbook questions has been designed for the students studying in Class VIII following the NCERT Textbook for Mathematics.The present book for Class VIII Mathematics has been divided into 16 Chapters namely Rational Numbers, Linear Equations in One Variable, Understanding Quadrilaterals, Practical Geometry, Data Handling, Squares & Square Roots, Cube & Cube Roots, Comparing Quantities, Algebraic Expressions & Identities, Visualising Solid Shapes, Mensuration, Exponents & Powers, Direct & Inverse Proportions, Factorisation, Introduction to Graphs and Playing with Numbers, covering the syllabi of Mathematics for Class VIII. This book has been worked out with an aim of overall development of the students in such a way that it will help students define the way how to write the answers of the Mathematics textbook based questions. The book covers selected NCERT Exemplar Problems which will help the students understand the type of questions and answers to be expected in the Class VIII Mathematics Examination. Through comprehensive solutions, the students can learn the concepts which will enhance their thinking & learning abilities. For the overall benefit of the students, along with the solutions the book also covers the text matter of NCERT textbooks in easy reading notes format covering all definitions, key words, important points, formulae, etc. The book also contains Intext Questions, Chapter End Exercises along with Selected NCERT Exemplar Problems. For the overall benefit of students the book has been designed in such a way that it not only gives solutions to all the exercises but also gives detailed explanations which will help the students in learning the concepts and will enhance their thinking and learning abilities.As the book has been designed strictly according to the NCERT Textbook of Mathematics for Class VIII and contains simplified text material in the form of quick reading notes and answers to all the questions in lucid language, it for sure will help the Class VIII students in an effective way for Mathematics.

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