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Adiyogi: The Source of Yoga(English, Paperback, Sadhguru)

Adiyogi: The Source of Yoga(English, Paperback, Sadhguru)

by Sadhguru Publsher: HarperCollins Publishers India

ISBN-13: 9789352643929 | ISBN-10: 9352643925

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Book brief

"Shiva does not spell religion. Shiva spells responsibility -- our ability to take our very life process in our hands.'' -- Sadhguru 'Shi-va' is 'that which is not', a primordial emptiness; Shiva is also the first-ever yogi, Adiyogi, the one who first perceived this emptiness. Adiyogi is symbol and myth, historic figure and living presence, creator and destroyer, outlaw and ascetic, cosmic dancer and passionate lover, all at once. A book like no other, this extraordinary document is a tribute to Shiva, the Adiyogi, by a living yogi; a chronicle of the progenitor of mysticism by a contemporary mystic. Here science and philosophy merge seamlessly, so do silence and sound, question and answer--to capture the unspeakable enigma of Adiyogi in a spellbinding wave of words and ideas that will leave one entranced, transformed.

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