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Jeet Aapki(Hindi, Paperback, Khera Shiv)

Jeet Aapki(Hindi, Paperback, Khera Shiv)

by Khera Shiv Publsher: Bloomsbury India

ISBN-13: 9789382951841 | ISBN-10: 9382951849

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Book brief

Summary of the Book There comes a time in life when one introspects and then finds the need to make changes to his or her personality to become successful. Sometimes the obstacle in the way is not knowing what are the required changes, why they should be made and what are the effects of that change. This book highlights the principles that one should follow in order to become successful. It is easy to retain interest while going through the book as Shiv Khera draws examples from everyday life and also uses anecdotes and stories to drive home the key points. About the Author Shiv Khera is a prominent activist and author of self-help books. In his early years, Khera did many jobs, including being a car washer, a life insurance agent, and a franchise operator. He eventually went on to become a motivational speaker. In the year 1998, he published his first book titled You Can Win. It was also written in Hindi as Jeet Aapki. Some of Khera’s other prominent works include Living with Honor, Freedom Is Not Free, and You Can Sell. Khera is also the founder of Country First Foundation. It is an organisation that deals with social activism and its mission is ‘to ensure freedom through education and justice’.

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