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Ghai Essential Pediatrics - Ghai Essential Pediatrics(English, Hardcover, Paul V.K.)

Ghai Essential Pediatrics - Ghai Essential Pediatrics(English, Hardcover, Paul V.K.)

by Paul V.K. Publsher: CBS Publishers & Distributors

ISBN-13: 9789387964105 | ISBN-10: 9387964108

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Book brief

For over four decades Ghai Essential Pediatrics has been India's most trusted resource for undergraduate and postgraduate students in pediatrics. The ninth edition has been thoroughly updated and revised to ensure that the reader has access to latest information on diagnoses and therapies. Emphasis on recognition and management of common pediatric conditions. Liberal use of algorithms and tables emphasise differential diagnosis, and integrating strategies for evaluation and management. Updated guidelines on diagnosis and management of hypertension, tuberculosis and other infections, and diabetes mellitus. Extensively revised chapters on nutrition, growth, adolescent health, immunization, infections, gastrointestinal system, malignancies, and inborn errors of metabolism. Fresh perspectives from new contributing authors on disorders of development, central nervous system, otorhinolaryngology, micronutrients, poisonings and IMNCI. References to relevant websites and updated resources for suggested reading. Free access to a dedicated App that provides resource of related clinical photographs, radiographs, tables and algorithms to enhance student-learning and support class-teaching.

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