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The Unexpected Gift(English, Paperback, Pandey Ajay K)

The Unexpected Gift(English, Paperback, Pandey Ajay K)

by Pandey Ajay K Publsher: Westland Publications Limited

ISBN-13: 9789388689700 | ISBN-10: 9388689704

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Book brief

The book is based on the thought that the woman who takes care of a child is superior to the one who gives birth. It is inspired by Krishnas two mothersDevaki and Yashoda.The story centres around a transgender, Sheetal. Ostracised by her family, she struggles to get a normal job. She loves children and decides to work as a baby-sitter.Abhay is a widower who lives in an urban society in Ghaziabad with his one-year-old son, Ayush. After losing his wife to cancer, Abhay struggles to balance taking care of his son and his office working hours. One day, his boss recommends Sheetal for the job of babysitter. Abhay interviews her and finds her perfect. What happens when he finds out that Sheetal is a transgender? Will he help her handle the prejudice she faces in his building society, or abandon her, as everyone else before him has done. A moving story that questions what we think about friendship, love and motherhood.About the Author Ajay K. Pandey is the author of the bestselling books You Are the Best Wife, Her Last Wish and A Girl to Remember.

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