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The Secrets to a Magical Life

The Secrets to a Magical Life

by Vikram KHAITAN Publsher: Independently Published

ISBN-13: 9798665548401 | ISBN-10: 9798665548401

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Book brief

Here is the Perfect Solution if You Want to Successfully, Navigate Hardships, Use Chaos to Grow as a Person, and Achieve Your Goals! Are you overwhelmed by the chaos in your Life, Career, or Relationships? Do you want to understand how to sort your life, deal with your anxiety, and succeed in whatever you apply your mind into? If the answer is yes! then read on ahead... This book will help you train your mind and body to develop the strength of healthy intelligence and enable you to deal with all situations. Are you Ready to Take Charge of your Life? Shape your own Destiny! Be the Master of Yourself and Unlock Perpetual Happiness, Live a Fulfilled Life and Build your own Path to Success!! Harness your enormous human potential to improve your quality of life. This book offers a holistic approach to life which empowers you to unleash your magnificent inner-self. Effective tips to develop a full stack of human intelligence and develop your interpersonal behavioural skills. Reading a smart literary non-fiction self-help guide is quickest way to become more empathetic with others and discover oneself. Transforming from being judgmental to experimental broadens your horizon and helps you to understand and include people's perspective. Become More Positive, Act Creatively, Generate Exceptional Ideas at Will, Solve Problems Wisely, & Stand Apart From The Crowd! Whether you are a Student, Employee, Professional, Entrepreneur, or a Home-maker, discover how you can create a positive ecosystem around you and become a life size magnet to attract all positive luck from the universe. Like the smartest of thinkers, you can transform the way you think and predict the future. For most people, generating happiness from within remains a challenge for as long as a lifetime, because they look for happiness outside themselves. This book will show you the path of introspection to look inwards and discover the best person in the world, which is YOU! Happiness lies within you - you have to make a conscious choice to become happier. Vikram Khaitan, an Enthusiastic, Creative Speaker, a Mentor and a Philosopher who Looks Beyond the Existing Challenges to Find Solutions for the Future. His keen sense of observation and comprehension of life makes him look at things in life differently. This book reflects his lucid writing and simple conversation skills with excerpts and interesting anecdotes from his personal experiences. He brings forth the hidden jewels from the treasures of ancient Indian literature, which is full of knowledge and wisdom. He extracts the pearls of wisdom from the Ramayana, the Bhagwadgita, the Vedas, Chanakya Neeti and many more. So, scroll up to click the buy button (before the price changes or the paperbacks are out of stock!) and receive your master key to unlock the immense possibilities in your life!

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